Gong recording

Here's some impressions of last week's recording session, our friend Dalton Kelsey performing on his Grotta Sanora Gong! 🙂

Since I am still waiting to rebuild my studio we went ahead low profile with my mobile recording setup.

This is what the chain(s) looked like

For Dalton's voice

Aston Origin to Bitwig Studio 5 (yeah, it's finally out!) via Audient EVO 4 and Lenovo Z16 AMD. 🤓

And for the Gong

Dual Beyer Dynamic M 201 TG to Tascam DR 100 mk3. ☺️

Editing with Bitwig Studio and stock processors as well as with a pinch of delicious EOS reverb and a tiny bit of delay magic courtesy of Other Dessert Cities (both by Audio Damage on Linux Audio. 😊️

Dalton is currently editing the video (recorded by my Mónica and Dalton's Amara) which should be available online soon.

Me setting up the levels

Setting up recording levels.

Dalton, his gong and myself

Dalton preparing his performance while I am still setting up the recording levels.

2023-07-03 (amadeus)