The follow up and the end (of an era)

Released 2019-07-23

Three years after his debut album "1", Amadeus released his second long player, the double album "2", in July of 2019.

Produced by Amadeus Paulussen in his home studio in Basel. Mixed by Chris Air at the kubus media studio in Basel, mastered by Robert Babicz in his studio in Malta.

The artwork was shot and edited by Mónica Schütt.

With "2", Amadeus tries to musically end an age full of pain and suffering, less for him personally, but for planet earth and all the wonderful beings living on it. The 23 track strong double album deals with hope, joy and frustration around the euphorically anticipated and now unstoppably growing dawn of the golden age. #govegan! Thus, the tracks literally swing up and down, back and forth, from gentle and loving to blissful and euphoric, all the way down to raging and furious. It is an emotional tour de force, embracing everything that has been accumulated in Amadeus' life (so far) on his wonderful home, earth. At the same time, "2" rings in the end of a series (1, 2) and makes way for new musical ideas that are already in the making.

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  1. nicht alleine 6:45
  2. gefunden, behalten 4:56
  3. immer wieder 7:34
  4. vor uns 5:41
  5. auf Abwegen 7:23
  6. eingeklemmt 7:11
  7. noch ein Versuch 6:51
  8. untief 7:09
  9. von unten 4:02
  10. daneben 9:30
  11. auf zu alten Ufern 6:25
  12. alle Optionen 7:17
  13. im Garten 6:31
  14. Schicht für Schicht 4:37
  15. viele Schritte 5:46
  16. ein Augenblick 4:05
  17. nächste Gelegenheit 6:32
  18. Mia 6:21
  19. Vorbeben 6:49
  20. auf Licht 5:16
  21. Un feat. Sylvain Paslier 5:34
  22. noch einmal 6:39
  23. Neuanfang 5:36



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