Year Description
1981 Arrival on earth (in Basel, Switzerland)
1985 (from) Learning to play the recorder
1987 (from) Learning to play the violin
1993 First contact with techno and electronic music production
1994 Start of home studio build (Akai S1100, Korg Prophecy, Roland JV-90, Roland TB-303, Roland JX-3P, Yamaha QS300, ...)
1997 - 2021 Foundation and management of new media agency kubus media
1999 Releases with friends on vinyl; DJ Mystery & Amadeus (with Daniel Sgubin), Pushing Elementz (with Tihomir Markovic), Paulussen & Cali (with Francesco Cali)
2010 Union with Mónica Schütt <3
2010 Transition to raw veganism
2014 (from) Learning to play the PANArt Gubal
2014 - 2021 Foundation and operation of kubus media studio (with Chris Air)
2015 Release of debut album "1"
2019 Release of double album "2"
2019 Release of single "Deux" (with Sylvain Paslier)
2019 Release of single "Living the Dream" (with Paul Terry)
2021 Release of album "Terrae" (with Chris Air)
2021 Closure of kubus media (and kubus media studio) after 25 years of operation
2022 Liberation, future development and much, much more <3
2023 Relocation to Koh Pha-ngan, Thailand
2024 Fresh start working as an independent music producer