Terrae (with Chris Air)

Terrae (with Chris Air)

Terrae (with Chris Air)

Released 2021-04-24 (via Norger Eidwand)

Hiking through mountains. Crossing gaps and sinkholes. Exploring valleys of curiousness. Touching the unknown.

Airadeus discovers the sonic spectrum beyond the familiar surroundings of the established dancefloor. With unobtrusive yet irresistible soundscapes and pure cinematic images, they form an architecture of a dynamic sound framework. And with their deep love for electronic and acoustic music, Airadeus scratches on genre barriers whilst making intimate moments universal…

Produced by Chris Air and Amadeus Paulussen in Basel. Mixed by Chris Air at kubus media studio in Basel. Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering in Berlin.


  1. Catawba 08:00
  2. Gamboge 06:36
  3. Bisque 07:28
  4. Kobicha 06:33
  5. Mindaro 10:14


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