Deux (feat. Sylvain Paslier)

Deux (feat. Sylvain Paslier)

Handpan artist meets 303 fan

Released 2019-08-28

Amadeus Paulussen in this track paired Sylvain Paslier's beautiful handpan playing with a strong Avalon Bassline foundation.

"Deux" is the second collaborative piece by Sylvain Paslier and Amadeus Paulussen.

The predecessor "Un" was released on Amadeus Paulussen's second long player "2", in July 2019.

Produced by Amadeus Paulussen in Basel. Handpan composed, performed and recorded by Sylvain Paslier in Phoenix, Arizona. Mixed by Chris Air at kubus media studio in Basel. Mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering in Berlin.


  1. Deux (feat. Sylvain Paslier) 4:31


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