Studio rebuild almost complete (updated)

Updated: 2024-03-22

The studio rebuild is almost done now. 🥳

I am not sure if I like the acoustic panels, as they take away quite a bit of light.

Also, electrical problems still unresolved.

But the electricians are coming today, so I have high hopes. 😇

Update 1

My studio equipment does not run off the GRID as the voltage sometimes drops as low as 140 (and the frequency bounces back and forth between 45 and 70 Hz). 😵‍💫️ So I decided to invest in infrastructure to build a battery-powered electric solution for my studio, consisting of a 10 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 5 kW inverter at first. 🤓️ I plan to add solar panels later, but have held off on buying them now for budgetary reasons.

Update 2

Unfortunately, the inverter seems to be defective, so I'm currently waiting for a replacement. 🫤️ Patience, patience, patience. 🙏

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2024-01-05 (amadeus)