Favorite songs (part one), 2023

The year is already past 50% progress! Time to take a look at the highest rated 2023 songs in my QuodLibet music library by filtering as follows:

&(#(rating>=0.5), #(year>=2023))

Interestingly, so far in 2023, not one song with 5 stars has joined my library. The highest rating of any 2023 song is 4 stars. But the year is far from over too. 😝️

For 2022 there were four 5 star songs, for 2021 even 16!

My favorite songs of the year (so far)

Please note: The Bandcamp players below play back the intended songs. However, they continue to play through other songs of the respective release and thus also play back tracks that do not belong to my selection of 2023 favorites. Just so you are aware. 🙃

"Floating Against Time"

From "Agartha", by Wata Igarashi Genre: Ambient


From "Allegory", by Organit Genre: Techno

"Su Sızıyor"

From "Aşk", by Altin Gün Genre: World

"Page 3 (ft k15)"

From "Crown", by Kyle Hall & Steven Julien Genre: Electronic


From "Modal Forces / Percussive Forces", by Kirk Degiorgio Genre: Chill Out

"We Walk in the Gardens of Our Ancestors"

From "Octava", by Phi-Psonics Genre: Jazz


From "Ratios I", by Wordcolour Genre: Drum & Bass

"Doom Variations"

From "Songs for the Nervous System", by AUTORHYTHM Genre: Techno

"A Little Bit Closer"

From "First Love", by Astra King Genre: Pop

Not on Bandcamp

The following tracks are not available on Bandcamp which is why I provide Qobuz links and SoundCloud players instead.


From "after.", by Amir Obè Genre: Rhythm & Blues

"Nothing Left To Lose (Four Tet Instrumental)"

From "Nothing Left To Lose", by Everything But The Girl Genre: Techno


From "Quest For Fire", by Skrillex Genre: Dubstep


From "Fountain Baby", by amaarae Genre: Dance

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2023-07-21 (amadeus)