Home studio dreaming

In a few days our container from Switzerland will arrive. Until then we are busy putting the finishing touches on our bungalow extension. 😊️

In the meantime, I am trying to figure out where to place my home studio. 🤓️ I am thinking of making it a floor sitting studio on the raised area in the back of the room. But first I need to check out the room modes and general acoustic behavior. I am excited! ☺️

Top view of the downstairs room we planned as a working space.

While the poster image of this post shows the front and side views of the downstairs room we built as a workspace, this is the top view.

Drawing the room from different angles in Inkscape

I am getting better at drawing vector graphics in Inkscape every day and enjoy it a lot. 😊️

#lifeupdate, #musicproduction
2023-07-19 (amadeus)