Video: Update homestudio improvements

It's been a while…

My name is Amadeus, I love life, producing music (with Bitwig Studio) and try to make the world a better place (for everyone) – one step at a time.

In this video I mainly try to tackle around the fact that I did not make a lot of music in the last few months, nor did I post a lot of videos. I was super busy at work. Well, the video is thought as a quick update on what I've been doing to keep my morals up meanwhile (improving my homestudio for example). πŸŒŸπŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»βœ¨



Stuff in the video

  • Acoustic modules: Basstraps, diffusors and absorbers, HOFA
  • Acoustic panels: Decibel 2.0, Zilenzio
  • Analyser: Aura, Aurchitect
  • Audio interface: Apollo 8p, Universal Audio
  • Hackintosh
  • Controller: Midi Fighter Twister, DJ Tech Tools
  • Controller/Synth: Seaboard GRAND Studio, ROLI
  • DAW: Bitwig Studio, Bitwig
  • Display: 4K LED Monitor, LG
  • Eurorack audio interface: ES-8/ES-3, Expert Sleepers
  • Eurorack case: RackBrute 6U, Arturia
  • Eurorack input/output: Audiointerface II, Intellijel
  • Eurorack module: Links, Mutable Instruments
  • Eurorack module: Maths, Make Noise
  • Eurorack module: Rings, Mutable Instruments
  • Eurorack module: Warps, Mutable Instruments
  • Headphone amp: G100, Lake People
  • Headphones: 99 Classics, Meze
  • me ;)
  • Microphone: Origin, Aston
  • Primary speaker set : O 300, Klein+Hummel
  • Secondary speaker set: W5, Boenicke Audio
  • Synth: 0-Coast, Make Noise
  • Synth: ARP ODYSSEY Rev 1 Module, KORG
  • Synth: Avalon Bassline, Abstrakt Instruments

Equipment used to make this video

  • Camcorder: FDR-AX100, SONY
  • Secondary camera: G85, Panasonic
  • Microphone: Origin, Aston
  • Audio recording: Bitwig Studio, Bitwig
  • Audio editing: Acoustica, Acon Digital
  • Video editing: Final Cut Pro, Apple
2018-09-28 (amadeus)