New Airadeus release: Terrae

It was a couple of years ago that my dear friend and studio partner Chris Air and I held a series of spontaneously organized jam sessions in the kubus media studio. We synced up our DAWs (Live and Bitwig) and routed both of our software and hardware based setups to the same stereo sub-mix. That way we were able to construct and compose 5 very special songs on-the-fly and in parallel. It was a wonderfully refreshing and enriching experience. 🤓

Today is the day we are both very happy to share five new songs from this jam session with all of you. 🤗 Chris has refined and released them on his label norger eidwand recordings today! 🎉

Have a listen at or in almost any other online music store of your choice.

SoundCloud preview

Press release by norger eidwand recordings

Hiking through mountains.
Crossing gaps and sinkholes.
Exploring valleys of curiousness.
Touching the unknown.

Airadeus discovers the sonic spectrum beyond the familiar surroundings of the established dancefloor. With unobtrusive yet irresistible soundscapes and pure cinematic images, they form an architecture of a dynamic sound framework. And with their deep love for electronic and acoustic music, Airadeus scratches on genre barriers whilst making intimate moments universal...

2021-04-04 (amadeus)