Water collection stage 1

Many regions here on the island run out of water towards the end of the dry season. People then usually start buying bottled water.

However, during the rainy season, there is an abundance of water pouring down the heavens.

Interestingly, we don't see a lot of rainwater collection aroung. What we do see quite often, however, are water tanks filled with water from the water grid as a reserve for times when the grid is drained.

We want to try to collect rainwater during the rainy season from the roofs of our two bungalows and direct it into two 300 liter water tanks as an experiment. I think we'd probably need bigger tanks down the road, but again, we want to start low key and gain some experience. 🫣

The collection tanks with the drain and overflow valves installed are already done. All that remains for now is to install the supply pipes on the roofs and some filters to keep out leaves (simple mesh) that we will install on the inlets of the tanks. 🤓

#lifeupdate, #healtheworld
2024-04-27 (amadeus)