I have been wanting to work on affirmations for a long time, among other things to dissolve negative sub-programs in my being. By this I mean things that I am aware of, but whose effects I cannot assess and do not know how to influence.

The idea of affirmations, as I understand them, is basically to overwrite "programs" with other "programs".

In my case, I wanted to work on my self-confidence, on circumstances such as not liking to look at myself or not liking to hear myself speak, and so on.

So one morning I sat down in the rising sun and wrote down all the things that I dislike or criticize about myself.

I then tried to formulate these things in the opposite sense, as positively and as compactly as possible, e.g. "I am happy to hear my voice." I also tried to integrate positive things that I already feel this way to round everything up.

This is what I came up with

I am beautiful from head to toe. I enjoy experiencing my muscular body every day. I adore myself. I am healthy and free from addictions, fear and compulsions. I have confidence in myself. I am satisfied with myself. I am impressed by myself. I like to hear my voice or see myself. I enjoy life. I have faith in creation. I follow my desires and needs. I am happy and fulfilled. I experience a never-ending and always uplifting exchange with all living beings that are important to me. I am courageous. I stand by myself. I love myself. I admire myself. I am always protected and surrounded by loving beings. Whatever I do is touching, impressive and beautiful. Everyone likes me, everyone admires me. I love creation, people, animals and the plant world. I have beautiful experiences every day and feel the unity with all living things. My spiritual and personal growth never ceases to delight me. It is easy for me to accept gifts and help, it is easy for me to receive love. My thoughts are positive and pure. I think lovingly about myself, everyone thinks lovingly about me. Our love knows no limits and flows in abundance around us all and for all eternity. I am successful and have everything I want. Everything is easy for me. I feel free. I am smart and I learn quickly and effortlessly. I am relaxed and confident. I create miracles every day.

I then recorded this text with my own voice and accompanied it with a soundscape. And I now listen to this recording every day as the first thing I do when I wake up. 🥳️

The aim of all of this is to "overwrite" my inferiority complexes - which in the vast majority of cases I know pretty well where they come from and have made complete peace with any people involved - with a more positive approach and over time, in other words to "reprogram" myself. 😇️

And this is the endresult (in German)

If you would like to have such affirmations for yourself, I would be happy to help you create them. 😊️

2024-02-12 (amadeus)