DIY Roland Boutique stands (finished)

It took me a little longer to finish the stands because I had to overcome a few hurdles, including adding threads to the brass tubes that would fit at least one of the three sets of screws I ordered (I made M5 threads, but interestingly enough, the M5 screws were too small while the M6 ones were too large). 🤔

Also, just as I was installing everything, I noticed that two of the six units (the JX-08 and the JD-08) actually have type C connectors (which is nice as I really don't like the mini B connectors in general), but since I already ordered 6 mini B cables, I'll have to get some matching type C cables for the remaining two units to call this project complete. 🫣

What else? The 45° angle of the stands may be a bit too steep (the way I set them up, it can be quite cumbersome to reach the lower areas of the unit's front panels), and the 6mm tubing is a tad too thick for the synths to lock firmly into place on the rails.

But all in all, I like the stands a lot and think they will serve me well 🙂 .

#lifeupdate, #musicproduction
2024-04-27 (amadeus)