When I look back on the experiences of the past 42+ years, I find only gratitude and joy. My life is beautiful and full of love. 😊

However, growing up I imprinted myself with an image of a violent and merciless world; animals eating each other, humans torturing animals (meat consumption, animal testing, bullfighting, whaling etc. pp) and each other. And I went through social programming and built up compulsions and fears as well. I am now freeing myself from all these patterns! 😜

I am learning to let go, to regain trust in myself and in creation, to love myself (and everyone else) fully and above all to believe in miracles again. 🥳

Today, more than ever, I am focused on unfolding my inner qualities into the physical world to finally transform this reality, together with everyone else, into the paradise we all dream of. 😇 A reality where everyone and everything is truly free and fulfilled. 🥰

#philosophy, #healtheworld, #veganism
2023-01-27 (amadeus)