We should plant as many trees as possible not only because, to put it bluntly, we deprive the trees of the opportunity to reproduce by eating their fruit. Humans are constantly inflicting significant damage on the environment, including the plants and trees of this world, and should aim to compensate for this damage as long as we cannot avoid it. Planting trees is one way of following this principle. At least these were our thoughts when we started to collect almost all the seeds of the fruits and vegetables we ate back in Switzerland with the intention of planting them.

Today, we have finally put this intention into practice and regularly plant all the seeds we collect. 🥰 😇 And wow is it magical to see the little baby trees growing so fast. 🥳️

In the pictures, I am planting a bunch of small baby durian trees in a bunch of fully compostable pots. 😍️ 😋️

The tools

A shovel, planters, soil from the garden, and some of the divine seeds.

Me planting Durian seeds

After so many years of working almost exclusively on the computer, I really enjoy working with my hands, outdoors, with simple tools, soil and the divine beings of the plant kingdome. 🥳️

2023-06-06 (amadeus)