I derived the following text from a recent conversation with a friend. 😊️

I always seem to want to (or feel like I have to) achieve something.

I want/need to make something, or ideally everything, beautiful and as perfect as possible. Instead of just perceiving things and being able to enjoy them simply by thinking/emotionally engaging with them.

I seem to be constantly trying to prove to myself and others that I am at least "good", "effective", useful, helpful, etc. It's almost as if I have to earn it every day to be allowed to be in this world.

But to me, everyone, whether effective, useful, or whatever, is valuable. The way I see it, every living being carries (or co-creates) the dynamic sum of what all other living beings need in their lives to grow, to overcome traumas, to be balanced, and to become more and more enlightened. 😇️

I believe that I can trust everything that happens unconditionally. I don't see any reason to be afraid of anything.

I am more and more convinced that life in all its facets and the laws of nature as a whole behave in the same way:

"There is only perfection and everything that is not perfect is ultimately on its way back to perfection."

This is also how I see illness. For me, there is no such thing, only the constant effort of the individual's body to return to perfect health.

This may sound radical, but for me it is truly one of the most profound insights I have gained in the last few years. 😊️

Today, more than ever, I am practicing to regain this trust in myself and in creation, to maintain it as constant as I can, to keep my world of thoughts positive and to enjoy life in all its forms in conscious gratitude. 😇️

In practice, this also means for me to love life without having to achieve anything, to also be able to sometimes do only the bare minimum and be satisfied with that as well, which is still a challenge for me. 😝️

2023-07-08 (amadeus)