Linux User Experience

Yes, my Linux experience today is truly fantastic and I am deeply grateful for that (and love to share it with others)! 😜️

However, I think I might be a bit deceptive at best, and possibly lying to myself at worst, when I go on and on about how great Wayland, PipeWire, Flatpak, the latest desktop environment and/or window manager, Bitwig and all the newly released Linux audio plugins are working, and/or how good GTK4 / libadwaita applications have become lately, or how effortless kernel updates are these days, and so on. 🫣️😅️

Because the fact of the matter is that for me (and probably many other Linux users as well), achieving such an amazing Linux experience requires a fair amount of (at times ongoing) learning and configuring - in some edge cases even some (potentially tedious) workarounds to achieve the high quality user experience I am talking about. This is certainly less true than it was a few years ago, i.e. the out-of-the-box experience has gotten better and better ever since I started using Linux exclusively.

But in all honesty, for me, all of this was (and still is) more than worth the effort. Because never in my 30+ years of using computers have I felt more connected to the software (and its creators) that I use on a daily basis. Never before have I understood it as well as I do today. And never have I felt as good (and liberated) using a computer (and Linux phone! 😉️) as I do today. 🤓️ Thanks to Linux and Open Source software! 🥰️

#linux, #musicproduction, #opensource
2023-10-01 (amadeus)