Life update #2

1. Five months in Thailand...

We have now been living in Thailand for over five months, although we had initially only planned to visit our friend Notker for a couple of weeks. 🤭

On our many explorations - on foot and by bicycle - we have met so many lovely people - locals and foreigners alike - and often felt like we were in a dream. 😋

The enchanting, beautiful nature, the open, transparent and loving ways of the Thai people, the fascinating animals (the doggies, aaaw, so cute...), our lovely friends Notker, Dalton, Namwan, O, Phi Mee, Phi Thee and - among many other things - the divine and unbelievably delicious fruits, all of this has made the past weeks and months a constant celebration of life for us. 😛

In the meantime we settled into a cute little bungalow at the foot of a mighty mountain, in the middle of dense jungle. ☺️

So much just feels right so that we want to stay here and start a new chapter in our life in Thailand. 🤩

We are making bold plans for the future around the cultivation of nature and ourselves. 😇

We are working on infrastructure development (especially the extension of our bungalow to include a workshop/music studio!), planting a food forest, personal healing journeys and world-improving services and products to create and sustain a fulfilling present and future for all of us, all forms of life. 🥰

2. Warehouse clearance sale


Therefore, we decided to spend all of March in Basel to sell most of our belongings from over "40 years of living in Basel".

We will be holding a clearance sale at our warehouse in the next few weeks and invite you to drop by! 😜

Almost everything has to find new loving owners, only a few things we want to take with us to Thailand.

From high-quality furniture to kitchenware, electrical appliances, music equipment from my studio, bicycles and clothes as well as individual items from my wife Mónica's fashion collections, there is a lot to discover and get hold of. 😛

You can check out some highlights (most of them in mint condition) on my website in an incomplete list. I will be updating this list regularly. Here is an excerpt:

  • 2 low noise GreenFan Cirq fans from Balmuda
  • 2 vintage iPod Hi-Fi speakers from Apple
  • 2 Zeppelin speakers from Bowers & Wilkins
  • Audioengine A2 speakers
  • High-end audiophile speakers from Boenicke Audio (W5 SE) with stands and high-end cables from labkable
  • ARP Odyssey module synthesizer (grey!) from KORG
  • Various DIY electrical tools (jigsaw, cordless drill) from Black & Decker
  • various headphones (aiaiai, nocs, Sennheiser, Meze, Audeze, Campfire Audio, FiiO etc.)
  • DrumBrute analog drum machine from Arturia
  • Exquisite diving watch BN4021-02E Promaster Altichron Eco-Drive from Citizen
  • Haute couture evening gowns and coats etc. from my wife's fashion label MOSS, from various collections and in various sizes (including one-offs)
  • Height adjustable sitting/standing table (electric, white!) BEKANT by IKEA in white
  • High-end kitchen blender from Blendtec incl. accessories
  • JX-3P vintage analog synthesizer from Roland
  • Mk1 cargo bike from Butchers & Bicycles
  • Rain humidifier from Balmuda
  • TOPCAJ2WN Slap-Top Cajon by Meinl
  • Various MIDI keyboards by AKAI Professional
  • and much, much more, such as second-hand clothes and shoes for men and women, mountain bikes, household appliances, art and and and... 😅

If you would like to come, see us and browse around, please contact us by email or phone beforehand:

  • Amadeus: +41 76 373 55 65
  • Mónica: +41 78 746 85 74

3. What's next?

Mónica and Water

I would love to write another newsletter soon with concrete details on our progress so far and our plans for the future. But one thing at a time, all in flow. ☺️

In excited joy, we send you loving greetings! 🤗

Amadeus and Mónica

2023-02-26 (amadeus)