After riding cargo bikes for years in Switzerland, we wanted to find some here in Thailand as well. For now we are very much satisfied with our everyday mountain bikes and a bunch of practical pannier bags by Rhinowalk!

Eight waterproof quick release pannier bags (four for each bike) attached via front and rear Topeak TetraRack racks. 🤓️

Previously, we used to ride around the island with heavy backpacks or several bags attached to the handlebars, which kind of worked but wasn't a lot of fun in the long run. 🫣

Anyway, I truly feel like sitting in a spaceship when I am on the bike now. 🥰 😜

Detail of front TetraRack with two 7l bags attached

Detail of front TetraRack with two 7l bags attached.



#healtheworld, #bicycle
2023-07-02 (amadeus)