Find it in yourself

The other day I was chatting with my good friend Chris about the progress of AI in the field of music making and about advancements in robotics too. And I was kind of touched by what I was typing at the time and felt motivated to post a little bit of it on my blog. ☺️

"I don't see why I should use AI, but I also don't see why I shouldn't. I am not afraid of artificial intelligence too. To me, it is just a new option to choose from. An interesting, viable option, just like all the others that existed before. Almost like vinyl to DSD. Or hardware trackers to modern digital audio workstations. Man, isn't life just amazing? An endless celebration! 🥳 So many great things to discover left and right (and in oneself too). 😇 I'm super excited and grateful to be able to navigate through all of these adventures in my amazing body!" 🥰

2023-03-03 (amadeus)