My full name is Amadeus Leonhard Paulussen.

Amadeus means approximately "the one who loves God". Leonhard stands for "strong as a lion".

Throughout the course of my life I have felt a certain "dissatisfaction" with "creation" and even had the feeling here and there that I personally, with my big, shining heart and my empathy towards all living things, could help God to "correct" creation, to make it more beautiful. Because, in addition to my curious, happy nature and my generally very beautiful childhood, I also repeatedly felt like I encountered horror and suffering around every corner on this earth. Especially in the way we humans treat each other, but in particular also our actions towards the animals and nature. 💔

So in a way I have probably had an emotional conflict with the meaning of my first name "Amadeus" for quite a while. I was sometimes even slightly disappointed of "God", instead of loving her/him/it.

I was - and am until today - convinced that humans (and all other life forms as well) better ourselves the smoothest when we are fulfilled and happy and not, as it is often said, when we "stumble".

Today I am above that convinced that we are all gods and goddesses and that through our consciousness, as well as the degree of our spiritual/mental purity, we do not merely influence our reality, no, we full on create it ourselves from the ground up and bear unlimited responsibility for it; mind over matter! 😝

But, to be effective co-creators, we must not hate ourselves (God), of course, which is probably what I have been doing with my sort of "rejection" of creation for years.

So it seems like it's true afterall, that I am "Amadeus, the one who loves himself" (and everything/everyone else as well). And I am also "Leonhard, strong as a lion" 😇

Today I am deeply grateful for creation and my life! 💖

But, what is it exactly that we need in order to lift/manifest our reality (and everyone else's) into an eternal paradise?

  1. A healthy vessel/body (breatharian, fruitarian, raw foodist, vegan, salt-free, sugar-free, on good terms and in close contact with nature, ...).
  2. A healthy spirit/mind (self-loving, fearless, empathical, fulfilled, joyful, free, ...).
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2022-09-18 (amadeus)