IMHO it's pretty simple. Human and non-human animals want to be free, no matter what species they belong to.

None of them belong imprisoned and/or oppressed/abused. I'm not trying to judge anyone with what I'm saying. I think that I understand most of the situations we're facing, even though I find many of them absolutely not ok. But I think we also have to recognize that we're all born into a world where there are already many prevailing conditions and some of them are vastly out of balance (to say the least).

We humans still have a lot of work ahead of us in that regard. We need to bring all of those wrongdoings back into balance, so that in the end all living beings (including ourselves) can enjoy this wonderful earth to the fullest.

In order to achieve this we have to be alert, loving, understanding, considerate, patient and always have to have the will to improve ourselves and the conditions we live in, for all and everyone!

Hunger, poverty, captivity, exploitation and suffering of all kinds affect animals and humans likewise.

I have faith in each and every one of us that we will improve our reality in big steps, bit by bit. 🙏

#veganism, #healtheworld
2022-11-02 (amadeus)