How did it come about that the immense wealth of nature was linked to the technocratic, virtual wealth of money? Why do only a few individuals (or families, companies and foundations) have an almost inexhaustible influence on so many areas of our society? And why do many people desecrate nature, torture wildlife and their own species without consideration or compassion?

Without trying to answer all these questions, I would like to put forward a thesis.

We humans are taught from an early age that we need to rely on external "support". Help from teachers, professors, doctors, electricians, car mechanics, etc. As a result, many of us lose the confidence to even want to learn to understand things, let alone try to solve the challenges they present. This reduces our self-confidence, our self-esteem and creates dependency. And that in turn makes us easy to manipulate.

We are forced to earn money in order to live. And we are surrounded by an industry that is totally focused on restricting us, keeping us dependent and exploiting us commercially.

Whether this "system" was set up intentionally or as an unnoticed side-effect of our current form of society is irrelevant to me in this context.

But I am convinced that we would live in a better world if people started to act more independently, to think for themselves, to question things critically and not just take everything as "given".

Because those who are able to face challenges independently will gain a better understanding of life and themselves. And it is through this process that people increase their confidence in themselves and become less prone to do things (influenced by external systems such as dependency on money) that they would not do otherwise.

I am convinced that the more people free themselves from this "trap", the more grievances will be resolved.

In my opinion, it is high time to promote self-thinking, to fundamentally question the existing "education" system and to redesign so many areas of our world. Without corruption, without violence and with less dependency.

This article was originally published on the kubus media blog.

#philosophy, #healtheworld
2020-05-28 (amadeus)