These past couple of weeks haven’t been easy for us.

My wife and I had the pleasure and honour of looking after two lovely dogs, because our neighbours left the country for two months. In this time, we witnessed the most beautiful and intense friendship we have ever came across. Moka and Rox were playing together around the clock. They also took care of each other, for example when they came home wounded from disputes with other animals. It was really astounding and deeply touching to be with them for all this time.

And then, just a couple of days after the neighbours returned, Moka was hit by a car and killed.

We are still in shock. Rox is recovering. And so are we. But gone is the playfulness, gone is the joy. The void has been filled with tears, mostly.

Not only have we been sad because Moka was taken from us and Rox has been left behind alone. But also because we realized once more that most humans don’t empathize with animals they way we do.

I believe this is because most of us never even have the chance to form strong relationships with non-human animals to beginn with.

We live inside walls, detached from nature and the animal kingdom. We feel obliged to do unimportant things all day long and to earn money for a life we do not even want. A life that deprives us from our limitless abilities, makes us sick and ultimately lonely and sad.

Plus, we changed the face of the planet to the extend of it being a hostile, strange place, full of artificial dangers for living things, such as cars.

But ultimately, to this day, I refuse to accept the concept of duality. Since I was a child, I've been constantly thinking about maliciousness, numbness, suffering, competition, excavation, failure, separation, loss, fear etc. and those negative "qualities" never made any sense to me. I am convinced that they should not even exist. I always felt like "the negative" was not necessary for us as living beings, as a planet, as a consciousness to grow. Because I am 100% certain that only from good things can emerge even better things.

In that spirit, may the future rise through all of us.

We really need to break out of dump systems that keep our vibrations low. We need to unlearn, heal and elevate ourselves and the planet. And then, I am convinced, there will be no more suffering but only potential. #breakout #unlearn #govegan #bekind #gettoknowyourself #listentoyourheart #changereality #learntofly #develop #superpowers #healtheworld #unlimitedpotential #nothingisimpossible #love #unity #compassion #duality #animals #humans #amadeuspaulussen #love #life

2019-09-18 (amadeus)