Video: Exclusive album 2 preview – 16 "Un" feat. Sylvain Paslier

The piece I am previewing today is called "Un". It is a collaboration with Sylvain Paslier. Sylvain initially composed and recorded his hand-pan playing and sent it over to me. I then constructed a song around his initial ideas. After that we had many back and fourth iterations and I must say that this is one of my personal favorites of "2". I absolutely love the positive and strong vibe of the song! 🥰

Watch the video now

Song in the video

  • "Un" feat. Sylvain Paslier (unmastered version, from my upcoming album "2")

Stuff in the video

  • DAW: Bitwig Studio, Bitwig
  • me ;)

Equipment used to make this video

  • Camera: G81, Panasonic
  • Video editing: Final Cut Pro, Apple
  • Graphic design: Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer
2019-07-18 (amadeus)