Video: I am a Pluginaholic!

Hy, my name is Amadeus and I am a pluginaholic. ;)

In this video I talk about my addiction to audio plugins aka VSTs (and/or VSTis) and how I keep track of them via an inventory spread sheet (together with my studio partner Chris Air). ✨👨🏻‍💻🌟



Music in the video

  • "Wohin", Amadeus Paulussen
  • "Ende", Amadeus Paulussen
  • "Nicht dort", Amadeus Paulussen
  • "Von unten (will be released soon with my new album "2" – coming soon!)", Amadeus Paulussen

Stuff in the video

Equipment used to make this video

  • Camcorder: FDR-AX100, SONY
  • Secondary Camera: iPhone 7 Plus, Apple
  • Microphone: Origin, Aston
  • Screen Recording: QuickTime Player, Apple
  • Audio Recording: Bitwig Studio, Bitwig
  • Video Editing: Final Cut Pro, Apple
2017-07-11 (amadeus)